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As a parent of a child with Sensory Processing Disorder, it is a relief to find true help. We really cannot express in words how thankful my family member and I are to have Sam with us. Working with Sam has given us not only hope, but also the tools and skills to help make every day a little bit brighter.
Belinda- 4 year old son

I like how at Little Achievers, the care is taken to meet each individual’s need.
During therapy sessions, Corinne provides my son with a variety of activities and explains what each one of them is for. She also gives me some follow up work to be done at home with him to speed things up.
I like the friendly atmosphere at Little Achievers and the extra help therapist are willing to put in so that no question is ignored or depreciated. In many instances, Corinne follows up with other resources to give me and my son the best possible help I ask for. I could also tell that constant assessment of activities is made to ensure my son is given the right help where he needs it. I am very happy with the service I get at Little Achievers. This service I never had all last year with my son’s previous therapy provider. Thank you Sam, thank you Corinne.
Mother – 3 ½ year old son

The School Readiness Group run by Samantha and Corinne demonstrates their professionalism and deep knowledge and understanding of how children on the autism spectrum learn. My son has gained the confidence and skills that should enable him to transition into a mainstream school effectively. The set up of the small group and the social interaction it encourages has developed my son’s confidence around children his own age and his understanding and tolerance of differences in other children.

His attendance in this group along with the regular therapy he receives at Little Achievers demonstrates how well early intervention can work. Thank you Samantha and Corinne for helping Marcus towards his first stage of formal schooling.
Lisa- 5 year old son

William was struggling with hand writing when he started school. His class teacher advised that he required intervention from an Occupational Therapist. After searching, I came across an advertisement for an intensive hand writing workshop at Little Achievers. That was in the July School holidays. From that week, William has been attending Little Achievers for weekly sessions. His confidence has grown and the difference in his overall ability to complete various tasks has improved immensely. During the sessions, William does various activities that are fun with the aim of increasing his spatial awareness, improving fine motor skills, balance and hand writing. William thoroughly enjoys his weekly sessions and has developed a very special rapport with his therapist Corinne, and becomes upset if OT is not on Wednesday. Little Achiever’s is great because the therapy area is modern, bright and welcoming and therapy sessions are tailor made for your child. Corinne provides encouragement for your child and the parent.
Monique- 6 year old son

We were lucky to begin working with Sam shortly before my son was diagnosed with Autism. From our first meeting, she easily began building a rapport with our little guy who was prone to having melt downs often, was inflexible in his play and struggled generally to concentrate and stay engaged in activities. A few months after beginning work with Sam, the melt downs became so rare that I’d go so far now to say that they don’t happen. We have a much greater understanding of what he needs physically to be able to concentrate and to learn. I know that his sessions with Sam are easily one of his favourite hours of the week and as soon as we arrive he can’t wait to go in and get started. Sam is so experienced and friendly, always offering great advice and really including me as his Mum in every session. Her work with him and us has had a profoundly positive impact on our family that we are eternally grateful for.

Kristy- 2 year old son

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the team at Little Achievers has changed the lives of my whole family. Not only have they developed and supported my 4 year old son to meet his goals but we are all supported and educated to support him as well. I’m sure that every client is treated like an individual as my son is and shown nothing but care and true commitment. I know that my son will meet his absolute full potential with Little Achievers on his team. 

Mother- 4 year old son

Our little boy was suffering from severe sensory processing difficulties.
At age 3 he was not speaking, had up to 7 (at least) major meltdowns a day, no eye contact (even with us), and the list goes on. We went to Sam, our Occupational Therapist, who worked with him over a 5 month period.
Sam is so caring and patient and willing to try anything to connect with our boy. She has turned things in a positive direction now and our boy absolutely ADORES Sam. He is a totally different boy. We are so happy to have found Sam. I can also advise her services to every parent.
We cannot speak highly enough of her.
THANK YOU Sam for giving us our little boy back!
Kathie – 3 year old Son

We first came to Little Achievers when my son James was 15 months old, and not yet eating finger food himself. After a few months of raising concerns with medical professionals, I was relieved that Sam instantly recognised the problem, and started treatment for a sensory processing disorder. Within just a couple of weeks we saw a drastic improvement, and he continued to show progression at each appointment. Sam was brilliant with James, and knew exactly how to handle him to get the results. I have never met anyone more patient! Now, my son is 2 years old and although he is quite fussy, he is eating really well. Meal times are no longer a nightmare, and we have the tools and techniques to manage his sensory issues.
Lauren- 2 year old son

Samantha provided occupational therapy services to my son for a period of 3 years.My son , Nicholas is severely affected with autism spectrum disorder and is also globally developmentally delayed. Samantha showed an incredible ability to relate to Nicholas and put him at ease as soon as the sessions were about to begin. Samantha held his attention throughout the allotted time by the use of interesting and new activities as well as using her kind,gentle manner to encourage Nicholas to attempt fine motor tasks (his least favourite).

She would adapt the tasks to his comprehension level and mix his least favoured tasks with gross motor and sensory activities which Nicholas loved.

In summary , Samantha is a gifted occupational therapist who has a wonderful knack of building rapport with my son and many other children with delays of different kinds. I certainly found that having a positive relationship with the therapist enabled Nicholas to tackle tasks that he usually would refuse to attempt and his love of occupational therapy helped him with his speech therapy and other educational activities.

Rhonda, mother of now 20 year old son

Rachel has truly become an indispensable part of our family's support system, especially for my son, Asher. Her dedication as a therapist is matched only by her genuine care for her clients. Not only has she equipped Asher with numerous strategies for self-regulation in different settings, but she has also been instrumental in nurturing his ability to identify his sensory needs more consistently.

Beyond her professional expertise, Rachel has been a constant source of guidance, reassurance, and positivity for our family as we've faced various challenges. Her unwavering kindness and patience have left an indelible mark on our hearts, and we hold her in the highest regard. She truly is a remarkable person.

When I asked Asher to describe 'Cushion Rachel' in five words, he perfectly captured her essence: 'kind, patient, precious, bubbly, and helpful.' And his final words, 'and I just love her, Mum,' resonate deeply with all of us. We are incredibly grateful for Rachel's unwavering dedication and the profound impact she continues to have on our lives.

Rachel's positivity and reassurance have often been the words I've needed to hear when I felt overwhelmed. Thank you for everything, Rach. We will be forever grateful to have you in our lives!

 Mother- 7 year old son

Our daughter has been receiving OT service with Little Achievers for over a year now. Everyone from admin to staff has been amazing, especially our OT Corinne! Since having Corinne on board at the day care, we have noticed huge gains in our daughter’s progress. Our daughter is more focused, regulated and present.

A few things we love:

Smart goals (Corinne sets out practical and achievable goals).

Play based learning (the sessions are engaging and children are encouraged to complete tasks and achiever goals).

Knowledge and expertise in working with children with diverse needs.


Our daughter is now in Kindy and thriving at school thanks to Corinne’s love and passion; We as parents are also learning everyday and are well equipped with tools to help our daughter thrive. Little Achievers OT has been an important part of our lives, and we too hope that you would love it as much as we do.

Mother- 5 year old daughter

We provide quality, goal- driven intervention in collaboration with our families and children. To see one of our skilled therapists please contact us on (02) 8021 3630.
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