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PeaPod Pop Fidget

Price: $5.00 

These fidgets are a great source to keep hands busy. These fidgets support attention and concentration as well as times of anxious thoughts! 


Little Achievers Packs  

School Readiness

Price: $30.00

Includes activity booklet and fine motor resources to prepare your child for school. 

Art Pack 

Price: $25.00

Includes an art diary and art materials as a companion tool for those attending our art groups. 

Therapressure Brushes 

Price: $8.50 

Used for the Therapressure Brushing Protocol, as recommended by your therapist. 

'Hey Awesome' & 'Hey Warrior' Books

Price: $30.00 each  

These beautifully designed books are a great tool to support your child's understanding about anxiety and challenging feelings. 

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