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School readiness
These small groups address fine motor skills, turn taking, social skills, pencil grasp, pre- handwriting skills and following multiple step instructions. They can take place at the childcare setting or in our clinic.


Lego Based Social Skills Groups

LEGO Group aims to encourage social interaction and development of skills, including turn taking, problem-solving, attention, communication and bilateral integration. Group members will be required to build LEGO collections by undertaking roles such as ‘Builder’, ‘Supplier’ and ‘Engineer’ to plan and execute, one masterpiece will be built over multiple sessions, to maximise teamwork, time management, communication and long-term goal setting.


Handwriting groups
These small groups are made up according to age and skill level and will address the need. It may include letter formation, organisation of work, pencil grasp and control and legibility.​ They can take place at school or in the clinic.​


Social skills groups
These groups are based on skill and developmental level and focus on turn taking, empathising with others, developing ability to accept not winning, negotiating with others and building relationships and play skills.


Interoception Group

Little Achievers is super excited to be running an interoception group- breaking down the nitty gritty of interoception and its impacts on emotional regulation, eating, changes in temperature, pain etc.​


Art Group:

This group addresses emotional regulation, interoception, praxis/ ideation and teamwork whilst exploring their creativity and free expression in a supported environment. CREATIVE VOUCHERS ACCEPTED.​


Life Skills:

This group is for our older population and targets will be based on functional goals set by the group. For example, master chef (and accessing the community/ planning/ sequencing/ money management etc) and bike riding whilst also addressing a social element with similar ability peers.

Community access

This is a group for our teenage population and will assist in planning social activities, navigating safely, developing social skills, money management and independence in the community.

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