Occupational Therapy Services



When a child is referred they require an assessment to provide a baseline of their current skills and to identify goals for intervention.
We use a range of standardised and non-standardised assessments, informal observations and discussion with parents (and school or preschool if necessary).

The assessment will run for approximately 1-1 ½ hours and will comprehensively cover fine and gross motor skills, visual perception, self care, handwriting, pencil grip, play and sensory processing.

If necessary (due to age or possibly diagnosis) we are able to spread the assessment over a couple of sessions.

A sensory processing assessment is necessary to identify if there are any underlying issues at play which are impacting on higher level skills, behaviours or attention.


Treatment sessions will target the goals set by parents and the therapist following the assessment.

Intervention sessions are generally an hour in length.

We encourage active involvement from parents/ carers in sessions to ensure skills learnt in the session can be practised at home and parents feel confident with implementing therapy programs.

Home, Preschool and School visits

Some children may need additional support in other environments outside the clinic such as at home, school or preschool.
A Little Achievers Occupational Therapist can continue therapy in other environments to demonstrate techniques to teaching staff and support the child’s learning in their natural social environment.

This will also help the child to transfer the skills developed in other environments with some facilitation.
We are also available to attend Education or MDT meetings or other school planning meetings to ensure collaborative working of everyone involved with your child.

Little Achievers Occupational Therapy Groups:

School readiness
These small groups address fine motor skills, turn taking, social skills, pencil grasp, pre- handwriting skills and following multiple step instructions. They can take place at nursery or preschool.


Handwriting groups
These small groups are made up according to age and skill level and will address the need. It may include letter formation, organisation of work, pencil grasp and control and legibility.

They can take place at school

Social skills groups
These groups are based on skill and developmental level and focus on turn taking, empathising with others, developing ability to accept not winning, negotiating with others and building relationships and play skills.


Core and Posture group

Focussing on core stability and posture for functional daily activities and school tasks. Running Monday 8th January- Friday 12th January from 2-3pm.

Social Skills groups

Children will develop turn- taking, learn to be more assertive, problem solve peer conflict and negotiate play ideas with others.

Running Monday 8th January- Friday 12th January from 9-11am.

Prep for School group

Children will practice essential skills for school and develop fine motor skills, gross motor skills, social skills, turn- taking, following instructions and developing posture to sit on the floor and at the table. These groups are running Monday 15th January- Friday 19th January from 9-11am.

Handwriting groups

The goals of these groups are client- led and work given will be appropriate for age and skill level to progress handwriting skills and organisation. Groups will be running Monday 22nd January- Friday 27th January (no group Australia Day on the 26 Jan) at 8-9 am for Kindergarten and year 1 and 9- 10am for years 2 and over.

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Information/ Education packages:

Little Achievers Occupational Therapists are able to provide education sessions to preschools,nurseries or schools on a range of topics.

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